Moonlight Update (1.0.4)

This update is rather small as it mainly addresses a few bugs and tweaks. It does however have two new music tracks in preparation for something special. Here are the main highlights of update 1.0.4.

  • The default vertex mode has been changed to normal due to graphical glitches on integrated video cards.
  • A bug was fixed where you could still pick up nuts for Buko after beginning Lanuno’s quest.
  • A bug has been fixed regarding the Gamejolt login process throwing an error upon receiving a bad HTTP response.
  • The Gamejolt keyboard now displays input information.
  • The jukebox now displays the correct input information.
  • Two new music tracks have been added to the jukebox in preparation for … something.

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  1. I played the game, is so nice and lovely.
    Good job!

  2. Why did you delete the game from GameJolt? (T_T)

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