Moonlight Update (1.0.3)

This update is a fairly large one, with many engine changes, and Steam only community content! If you own Moonlight on Steam, you may now collect trading cards, craft badges, and earn rewards! Here are the main highlights of update 1.0.3.

  • There is a new video setting to change the vertex mode that the game uses. This could help with compatibility on some older systems etc.
  • After profiling the game code, I found numerous problems. Mainly performance issues in regards to the game’s logic. The performance of each cycle, has actually been increased by over 30%. I believe this was the source of the “stuttering every few seconds” for some. However, a good chunk of the game’s core logic has been altered. This could bring other bugs. I have tested as best as I could, but please report any new problems to me.
  • The keyboard is now immediately usable, even if a gamepad is detected, making both devices usable at the same time. Please note that the help notification icons while in game, will still default to the gamepad if one is connected. You can still change the intended device within the settings.
  • The keyboard bindings were not allowing the comma, period, or numpad keys to bind. This has been fixed. Please note, not all keys are bindable.
  • The dialog and some journal entries had incorrect spelling. This has been fixed. Proof reading for the win?
  • The mushrooms have had the trajectory physics removed. It was too much of a pain to get a good bounce. Their detection range is also wider now.
  • Another resurrection or checkpoint, has been added in the caverns. This should help when trying to get Lanuno’s wand.
Steam Community Content
  • (5) Trading Cards: Each one representing a zone.
  • (9) Emoticons: Each one is a little head of the characters, with their hats of course.
  • (3) Profile Backgrounds: Each one has some arranged elements from the game.

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  1. Ok 😀
    I wish you success!

  2. Awesome, thank you! Well I don’t currently have plans for a sequel, but it’s important to note that I’m not finished with Moonlight as it stands. There were bugged out and locked doors … that were purposely placed 😉

  3. Amazing game! I really want to part 2!

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