Moonlight Update (1.0.4)

This update is rather small as it mainly addresses a few bugs and tweaks. It does however have two new music tracks in preparation for something special. Here are the main highlights of update 1.0.4.

  • The default vertex mode has been changed to normal due to graphical glitches on integrated video cards.
  • A bug was fixed where you could still pick up nuts for Buko after beginning Lanuno’s quest.
  • A bug has been fixed regarding the Gamejolt login process throwing an error upon receiving a bad HTTP response.
  • The Gamejolt keyboard now displays input information.
  • The jukebox now displays the correct input information.
  • Two new music tracks have been added to the jukebox in preparation for … something.

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Moonlight Update (1.0.3)

This update is a fairly large one, with many engine changes, and Steam only community content! If you own Moonlight on Steam, you may now collect trading cards, craft badges, and earn rewards! Here are the main highlights of update 1.0.3.

  • There is a new video setting to change the vertex mode that the game uses. This could help with compatibility on some older systems etc.
  • After profiling the game code, I found numerous problems. Mainly performance issues in regards to the game’s logic. The performance of each cycle, has actually been increased by over 30%. I believe this was the source of the “stuttering every few seconds” for some. However, a good chunk of the game’s core logic has been altered. This could bring other bugs. I have tested as best as I could, but please report any new problems to me.
  • The keyboard is now immediately usable, even if a gamepad is detected, making both devices usable at the same time. Please note that the help notification icons while in game, will still default to the gamepad if one is connected. You can still change the intended device within the settings.
  • The keyboard bindings were not allowing the comma, period, or numpad keys to bind. This has been fixed. Please note, not all keys are bindable.
  • The dialog and some journal entries had incorrect spelling. This has been fixed. Proof reading for the win?
  • The mushrooms have had the trajectory physics removed. It was too much of a pain to get a good bounce. Their detection range is also wider now.
  • Another resurrection or checkpoint, has been added in the caverns. This should help when trying to get Lanuno’s wand.
Steam Community Content
  • (5) Trading Cards: Each one representing a zone.
  • (9) Emoticons: Each one is a little head of the characters, with their hats of course.
  • (3) Profile Backgrounds: Each one has some arranged elements from the game.

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Moonlight Update (1.0.2)

This update is a small one, mainly in regards to the Gamejolt release, although there were a few small engine tweaks.

  • The Gamejolt system was not saving user credentials. This has been fixed.
  • The Gamejolt system had a memory leak which would occasionally flood the server with http requests. This has been fixed.

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Moonlight Update (1.0.1)

This update brings some much needed bug fixes. I’ve also implemented a lot of user suggestions, such as customizable controls, a tutorial, and much more! That’s not to say there might not be other bugs to find, so let me know if you experience anything goofy!

  • The camera was all wonky when you changed levels while in Rosco’s balloon. This has been fixed.
  • If you left the game at anytime after you first hop into the boat, and try to come back later, it could break your progression. This has been fixed.
  • Customizable controls. There is keyboard support and multiple XInput gamepad support.
  • Bubble jumping has been tweaked to be less bouncy horizontally. I have also moved or added extra bubbles to make things easier.
  • The nasty upside down bubble jumping area in the caves, has had the gap filled in where the player could die. Now you can just focus on bouncing!
  • The route to Lanuno’s wand is now clearer. I not only added more arrow signs, I’ve added an effect to make the wand more visible.
  • I made the camera move almost twice as fast to the resurrection statue when the player dies.
  • I added signs throughout the game world to help with navigation. Especially where you can walk off screen to the next area.
  • I implemented a method to upload your Gamejolt trophies you have earned offline. This is automatic, nothing extra is required from the player.
  • Instead of doing character portraits and removing the speech bubble, as suggested, I opted to color the character’s name in the dialog.
  • I’ve removed some of the redundant laughing from the dialog.
  • You can now talk to Lanuno again to see the hologram which shows Tupelo’s puzzle. Just in case you need another look.
  • The input system system has been completely re-written. This has given a performance increase, due to eliminating unnecessary checks and function calls.
  • There are now two routes up to Mayo’s detonator. The second route has only four bubbles, but requires a bit more jumping skill, or luck!
  • The vertical sync mode has been changed to an alternate mode, this should provide even smoother gameplay.
  • Since Moonlight has been given the green light on Steam, I have removed the support button on the menu
  • A tutorial regarding the game’s controls has been added. It will only appear once upon a fresh start.

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Moonlight Released

Moonlight has finally been released, and I certainly hope you all enjoy the game! Thank you very much for visiting, and if you are interested in Moonlight, you can purchase it on Steam!


Moonlight is a short game, about a little character named Kinubo and his quest to the moon! Kinubo finds himself in a new village while looking for help on his quest, but most don’t accept his presence. The characters here are a very tight bunch, and they don’t take kindly to strangers! You must earn their acceptance, and the only way you’ll ever make it to the moon, is to win them over one by one!

  • A peaceful and atmospheric environment!
  • A relaxing and beautiful soundtrack by Julio Kladniew!
  • A lighthearted and interesting story.
  • A smooth and fluid platforming engine, with bouncy mushrooms and bubbles!

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